Case Study

Transmission connections and planning arrangements rule change

“I’ve gained a broad and deep understanding of the energy market in all its facets.”

By Claire Richards, Senior Adviser

What surprised me when I first started here was the breadth of issues we work on. By working across such varied projects, I’ve gained a broad understanding of the energy market in all its facets.

A rule change I’m working on at the moment concerns transmission connections and planning arrangements. I enjoy it because I’m working through some very complex but topical issues, like renewable energy, and electricity security and reliability. The project is about generation and large consumer connection to the transmission network. It’s a good opportunity to meet a broad range of stakeholders across the industry.

My role requires me to undertake a thorough analysis of diverse, topical issues, and the way we share knowledge both internally and with external stakeholders and consultants makes this a great learning experience. It’s inspiring to work alongside people who are so driven and knowledgeable.

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