Case Study

Shared market protocol review

“I’ve developed the skills I need to become a great project manager.”

By Jenessa Rabone, Senior Adviser

My role is all about coming up with solutions to issues in Australia’s gas and electricity markets through research, analysis and stakeholder engagement. The work I do focuses on how to help make those markets more efficient, particularly in light of changing technologies.

I’ve collaborated on large scale and high profile projects, and been given the opportunity to project manage some of my own. When I started, I was put into a team project, but to cut my teeth and develop myself in a different way, I was also given a second project. It was called the Shared Market Protocol Review. That involved developing a new governance framework for how businesses communicate and transmit data to each other. Being new to the organisation and having that project to run by myself, with the support of my manager, helped me to develop the skills I needed to become a great project manager.

It’s challenging, detailed work, and that makes it all the more rewarding when you see the influence we’re having on the future of Australian energy.

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