Case Study

Reliability panel annual market performance review 2015

“It’s inspiring to work with people who have different skills, knowledge and expertise.”

By Neil Howes, Senior Advisor

I really enjoy the people side of what I do. My colleagues have different skills, knowledge and expertise. It’s inspiring to see how those layers of insight come together to create something that’s shaping the future of Australia’s energy market.

I recently worked on the Reliability Panel Annual Market Performance Review 2015. That report is designed to provide an overview of the performance of the national electricity market as a whole, in terms of reliability, security and safety of the market. I was the project leader, and my role involved a lot of liaison and engagement with consultants, and internal and external stakeholders.

Consumers are great drivers for me, too. Electricity and gas are used by everyone, from mums and dads and families to big business and industry. The cost of energy can have a big impact on the economy as a whole, and the work I do reviewing the industry’s reliability, security and safety can impact that.

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