Our Work

Our Work

Our rule making plays a critical role in the energy industry’s evolution. We take a long-term view of what needs to be done to enable consumers to continue to receive reliable, secure, efficiently priced electricity and gas services. We have two key roles to perform – as statutory rule makers for the energy market, and expert adviser to federal, state and territory governments – and those roles are closely linked, as the rules we make and revise are both influential to, and influenced by, developments in the energy sector.

  • Neil Howes

    Neil Howes

    Senior Advisor

    Reliability panel annual market performance review 2015

  • Christiaan Zuur

    Christiaan Zuur


    System restart ancillary services

  • Jenessa Rabone

    Jenessa Rabone

    Senior Adviser

    Shared market protocol review

  • Jack Schmidtke

    Jack Schmidtke

    Senior Lawyer

    Expanding competition in metering and related services rule change

  • Sarath Chandra

    Sarath Chandra


    Register of large generators rule change

  • Claire Richards

    Claire Richards

    Senior Adviser

    Transmission connections and planning arrangements rule change

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