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By sharing knowledge, upholding our values, and promoting collaboration, we’re contributing to the development of flexible, resilient energy markets in the long term interests of consumers.

The AEMC career experience

As rule makers and advisers to Governments on energy, we’re passionate about our contribution to the development of Australia’s energy markets. That passion shows as we undertake careful analysis and engage meaningfully with our consumer, industry and government stakeholders to make decisions.

We take the quality of our work seriously. We’re proud of the unrivalled experience we offer to our people, and of the diverse perspectives that make up our organisation.

By sharing our knowledge and experiences internally and with our stakeholders, we’re working for the benefit of Australia’s future.

Our Vision

We’re creating flexible and resilient markets that benefit consumers. To achieve that, our mission is to improve consumer outcomes from the strategic development of energy markets, through rules and advice. We’re responsible for staying up-to-date with the market as it evolves by engaging with external stakeholders and advising in light of new developments in our operating environment.

Our Values

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    We play a consultative role in meaningful conversations about energy market issues. We value different perspectives, share our knowledge, and empower those who look to us for advice. By engaging with governments, consumers and market participants, we promote dialogue and understanding, which aids energy market development.
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    We build and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders, and value their input to our work. We pursue opportunities for consultation, and to expand the range of our collaborative industry relationships. We take a genuine interest in and are passionate about our work, show consideration for others, and seek opportunities to learn.
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    We respect our stakeholders, and have high standards of impartiality and objectivity. The work we undertake is framed by transparent processes, and we approach all our dealings ethically, reliably and with consistency. We’re team players, are receptive to new ideas, and conduct ourselves professionally.

Our Work

  • Neil Howes

    Neil Howes

    Senior Advisor

    Reliability panel annual market performance review 2015

  • Christiaan Zuur

    Christiaan Zuur


    System restart ancillary services

  • Jenessa Rabone

    Jenessa Rabone

    Senior Adviser

    Shared market protocol review

  • Jack Schmidtke

    Jack Schmidtke

    Senior Lawyer

    Expanding competition in metering and related services rule change

  • Sarath Chandra

    Sarath Chandra


    Register of large generators rule change

  • Claire Richards

    Claire Richards

    Senior Adviser

    Transmission connections and planning arrangements rule change


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